About Us

About Us

My name is Georja; The creator, dreamer and founder of Little Pup & Co.

I'm originally from a small town in country South Australia. I choose to make the move to Queensland in 2017 for a career & lifestyle change. Fast forward a few years and well ... here we are. 

We are located on the Northern Side of Brisbane and adopted our fur baby Doug July 2018 and Ernie February 2021. Doug and Ernie are miniature Dachshunds and they are our biggest inspiration, we make it our priority to give them the best life and be able to spend as much time with them as possible.

I always wanted to work for my self and along side the boys as i was over working a corporate job leaving home at 7am and not getting home some nights till 10pm. So, I dusted the camera off, got the sewing machine out and learnt to sew and start photographing again, creating all wonderful kinds of things for them, myself and my partner … and haven’t stopped since.

This eagerness quickly fuelled my inspiration to open my own boutique, so I spent hours researching “how to start a business” and well … here we are.

I suffer from endometriosis and always carry a wheat bag with me wherever I go to ease the pain but didn’t like how ugly the standard wheat bag was. Like what was with all the bag colour choices? I’m sure my endo sisters out there could agree. I wanted to create a product that screams stylish, flamboyant, pretty and comforting. 

All our products are hand-picked by us locally here in Australia and carefully created with love in our home studio by yours truly with Dougie and Ernie at my side … ALWAYS. I am all for looking after our bodies and the environment in the friendliest way possible and I am constantly on the hunt for reusable products and unique designs that create a statement.

Not only do we hand make products for your pups to wear we also have the skills to professionally photograph your pups too. Georja is a self taught free-lance photographer with at least 7 years photography knowledge. My niche photography style is a casual light and airy studio look. 

Where did the name come from?

Well, I wanted a name that represents our pups. I didn't want to make it an obvious name, i wanted something a little more subtle that doesn't scream 'Dachshund' or their names. All though i love the Dachshund breed, I love many other breeds and animals also.

My partner and I call our boys "Little Puppers" on a daily basis. We feel that no matter how old our dogs get they will always be 'puppies' in our eyes and i feel most may relate to that, which is where 'Little Pup' comes from. The term '& Co' is to represent the boys and their fur-friends, whether that be online or in person. Social support is a big deal in the twenty-first century