Aussie Fish Meal Topper (50g)
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Aussie Fish Meal Topper (50g)

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Due to the meal toppers concentration use in moderation.

Did you know fish has so many benefits?

A growing body of scientific research suggests that Omega 3 fatty acids provide our pets additional health benefits during certain life stages or when suffering from certain diseases.

Some of the more common reasons veterinarians suggest omega 3 for our pets are:

Control inflammation related to many pet skin problems and increase healing due to injury.

Ensure proper development of the nervous system and sharpness in vision.

Inhibit the growth of malignant cancer cells and reduce the possibility of diabetes in our pets.

Slow cholesterol production.

Reduce joint tenderness.

Stimulate the immune system.

Aid with indigestion.

Help with maintenance of skin and coat conditions

Suggested Feeding Amount

Just sprinkle over their food

Small dog (between 1kg and 10kg) daily ½-1 teaspoon
Medium dog (between 11kg and 26kg) daily 1 tablespoon
Large dog (between 26kg and 44kg) daily 1-2 tablespoons
Giant dog (45kg or more) 2-4 tablespoons
Cats 1/2 to 1 teaspoon

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