Beef Meal Topper (50g)
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Beef Meal Topper (50g)

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 Australian grass-fed Pure Beef

  • High in nutrients
  • Boosts Energy 
  • Great Source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids

They are a topper that does not only taste good to your pup – but ARE good for him too. It has a pleasant natural smell that your dog will really love, and can eat quickly, and yes this is a high-value Low Fat Meal Topper.

Just sprinkle over their food, dry or moist

You can add some warm water, mix to a gravy consistency and mix through meal dry kibble.

Suggested feeding amount

Small dog (between 1kg and 10kg) daily ½-1 teaspoon
Medium dog (between 11kg and 26kg) daily 1-2 teaspoon
Large dog (between 26kg and 44kg) daily 2-3 teaspoons
Giant dog (45kg or more) 3-6 teaspoons
Cats 1/2 teaspoon

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