Wheat Bag - Rainbow Garden
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Wheat Bag - Rainbow Garden

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The warmth of the wheat bag seeps into sore muscles which helps to increase blood flow helping the muscle fibers unknot.


The wheat bag can be used as a cold compress to help lower temperature, reduce swelling and pain by restricting blood flow to the area 



-Sore shoulders

-Tight necks

-Period cramps

-Lower backs

-Aching knees

-Sport induced soreness or tightness in hamstrings

-quads or glutes

-Stomach pain

-Wrist and Ankle sprains (generally best to use cold but depends on the nature of the injury)



The way they comfort any area of the body making it more comfortable to hold or hug over a hot water bottle and has less chance of leaking. Perfect for warming you on the couch, keeping frosty feet warm or for pre-heating your bedsheets before you jump into bed

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